Baobab Health is revolutionizing the use of technology in developing-world health care environments.

Baobab has demonstrated its ability to apply medical informatics principles in resource-poor environments through both hardware and software innovations. Specifically, Baobab has developed low-cost and long-lasting power back-up systems, touchscreen-based user interfaces designed for users with limited technology experience, and low-cost information appliances that are significantly more robust in harsh environments than are traditional computers.                                                                                                 Software Innovations

Baobab Health develops applications using open standard web technology and releases the applications themselves using open source licenses so that others can benefit from the innovations as well.

BART (Baobab Anti Retroviral Therapy)

BART improves the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of information collected during ARV treatment, including identifying patient eligibility, dispensing drugs, tracking patients, and on-going monitoring and evaluation.

This application is currently being used in almost all District Health facilities in the Southern and Central region of Malawi with a few exceptions.  We also have partners in the Northern Region who are scaling up implementation of systems. Visit here for more systems and sites where they have been deployed.

Services                                                                                                                                                                          System deployment

This service brings both the hardware and software solutions to the users. Some activities involved in this process include checking that the hardware that has been deployed is usable; checking that the software meets user specifications; and establishing a work flow that would fit with the system to be deployed as well as the existing health facility work flow.


Baobab Health provides theoretical and practical training to users of its various systems. At the end of each training session an assessment is conducted in the form of both a practical session and a written quiz to ensure users are confident in using the system.

Refresher trainings are also provided to users in order to introduce them to system upgrades. This is important as staff rotates at clinics but also that updates are made to systems, so there is a need to ensure everyone is fully trained.

Technical support

Baobab Health maintains a Help Desk that responds to all technical problems that users encounter. The Help Desk ensures that all sites are up and running they do this by phoning each user, as well as remotely accessing the system to check if the system is properly being used.

 Monitoring evaluation reports for Ministry of Health

The Malawi Ministry of Health requires accurate data reports from its HIV clinics so that it can forecast and plan for health care delivery in Malawi. Unfortunately, as HIV clinics are growing, so too are paper-based patient records. This increases the workload for health care staff, because they must physically review each record to collect this data. Baobab is addressing this challenge by generating electronic reports from its sites, thus reducing the burden on hospital staff.