The Baobab Call Centre operates 24/ 7 to ensure that all EMR sites get first line assistance for their issues. We have internal dashboards for monitoring connectivity in our sites. This connectivity also enables Baobab to check system use in health facilities and eventually if systems are not being used, make follow up efforts. Other facilities such as the Kamuzu Central Hospital have dashboards as well for monitoring daily Hospital statistics.

Through the call centre users would call directly and report various issues in their respective facilities. We also perform regular phone calls to monitor again status of all system and eventually offer support where there is a need.

Using the Internal Information Management System, Help Desk routes difficult issues to appropriate departments within the organization and a help desk ticket for each issues is assigned to assist with tracking progress and ensure the problem is resolved in time. Urgent issues are resolved within 24hrs and they include issues such as the whole system being down and cannot be used, and power failure, excluding ESCOM power outage. High priority issues are resolved within 48hrs and they include issues such as a faulty touch-screen computer, EMR system being slow and system bugs which later patients’ information. Finally, Normal priority issues are resolved within two weeks to one month and they include the need to orient new system users and adding roles or privileges in the system.

EMR sites are normally encouraged to promptly report all software and hardware issues that have occurred.

However, Baobab Health does not provide general IT support, internet connectivity and software and hardware infrastructure support which is not directly related to the Baobab point of care EMR system.

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Phone: +265 995 880 419 (any time)

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