Baobab Health develops applications using open standard web technology and releases the applications using open source licenses so that others too can benefit from these innovations. Our applications include the following Electronic Medical Record systems and its links where you can download these applications. From the same links, you will also find instructions for installation. If you find problems during instalation, don’t hesitate to contact Baobab for support.

For a detailed list of all software innovations, please visit us here.

Antiretroviral Therapy (BART) system:  Has embedded ART protocols and facilitates adherence to protocol. It also enhances completeness, accuracy and timeliness of information collected during ARV treatment. Download here
Patient Registration Module: Registers every patient and issues a unique ID barcode and triages for services. The bar code allows continuity of care where once scanned every time a patient visits the health facility, previous recorded information is retrieved. Download here. 
Out-Patient Diagnosis (OPD) Is linked with the Patient Registration Module. It allows clinics to uniquely identify and track patients, as well as record both primary and secondary diagnoses.  Download here.
Antenatal module (ANC) assists health facilities in improving care of pregnant women by collecting demographics, obstetric, medical, surgical and social history; managing laboratory results and preventive medicine; and PMTCT management (through integration with an ART system) during  client’s ANC visit and making this information available in the labour. Download here.
Maternity module: Enhances case management since it reegisters, admits, diagnoses, discharges and refers pregnant women from labour ward, antenatal ward to post natal ward. Download here. 
Hotline system for maternal and child health: Provides maternal and child health advice, tips and reminders to mothers and guardians. This module is mainly used by Village Reach in Balaka. Download here.                                                                            
Diabetes Mellitus & Hypertension module (DMHT) As phase 1 of the Chronic Care system, it manages patients with diabetes, longitudinally. Download here. 
E-Pharmaceutical Inventory Control System (ePICS) For the management of Pharmaceutical items. This will be linked to other systems with health facilities. Download here.   
Chronic Care Clinic As phase 2 of the Chronic Care system, it manages patients with diabetes, hypertension, Epilepsy and Asthma longitudinally. Download here
Module billing For the management of paid up medical services. Download here. 

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