Baobab Health  Trust consists of seven departments under the leadership of the Executive Director. The departments and their responsibilities are as follows:

A) Directorate of Finance and Administration

This directorate handles all finance, administration and human resource matters.

Administration department is one of the largest department at Baobab Health, and its responsibilities includes the following:

  • Dealing with all transport / travel related requests.
  • Procurement of all office related requirements, including office supplies, furniture, consumables, etc.
  • Ensure security and safety to all office items, assets and personnel, respectively
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the office environment
  • Ensure availability of communication systems, including telephones
  • Handle all payments of utilities, like rentals, electricity, water, Internet connectivity, etc
  • Managing Baobab Health Trust stock, e.g, hardware equipment, office supplies and consumables
  • Management of all incoming and outgoing mail and general queries.

The Finance department is responsible for managing financial resources of Baobab Health Trust. The department focuses on the following:

  • Ensuring compliance to donor requirements and other relevant laws of Malawi, and general accounting policies
  • Preparation of accurate financial reports
  • Develop, Implement and maintain a high standard financial management and control systems, policies and procedures.
  • Managing cash flow
  • Prepare and review financial budgets
  • Facilitate and coordinate financial auditing
  • Management of the payroll, including salaries for all staff
  • Processing all Loan and salary advance requests
  • Disbursement of all per diems, including accommodation and meals.
  • Assisting staff to open accounts with commercial banks

Human Resources
The Human Resources department is the smallest department at Baobab Health Trust. It is generally responsible for all strategic and daily people related activities and issues. It ensure the organization’s compliance with Employment and other relevant laws. HR department is responsible for the following:

  • Recruitment and selection of staff
  • Performance management
  • Facilitating the Training and Development of staff
  • Staff benefits management
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Staff grievance and discipline handling
  • Terms and Conditions of service
  • Leave management
  • Job evaluation (grading) and Organization structure management

B) Directorate of Operations

This directorate is subdivided into two main sections; Operations department, and Deployment and Support department. Our southern regional office also falls under this directorate.

The Operations department is mainly responsible for the following:

  • Installing hardware in targeted health facilities
  • Maintaining hardware for all EMR sites
  • Hardware modifications to suit Baobab
  • Providing network design, implement and support it.
  • Providing office network user support
  • Maintaining Internet connectivity for the office
  • Ensuring that that there is connectivity to EMR sites

Deployment and Support
This department is mainly responsible for the following:

  • System requirements gathering
  • Writing system specifications
  • Conducting system/ application testing internally as well as with partners and systems users
  • Training system users
  • Deploying system and ensuring its functional
  • Providing timely support to all EMR sites
  • Participating in system reviews with representatives from sites and partners

C) Directorate of Informatics

This Directorate is subdivided into two sections: Software Development, and Operational Research.

Software Development
This department is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of software systems/ applications. Some of the responsibilities of the department are:

  • Creating development time-lines and budgets for development projects
  • Designing software architectures and data models
  • Designing software modules and features according the specifications
  • Development of software using open source tools
  • Documenting the software systems
  • Creating automated tests
  • Maintaining existing software systems by adding features or fixing bugs
  • Identifying new innovative technologies for continuous improvement
  • Adhering to best practices in software development industry
  • Sharing the innovations with the wider technology and health informatics communities

Operational Research
The department is charged with providing baseline studies to inform development  of EMRs and to facilitate measurement of impact of e-health implementations. Other roles include:

  • Conducting applied research/ Pre-technology investigations
  • data analysis
  • evaluation of electronic medical records
  • Impact assessment
  • Publications

D) Project Coordination

This is responsible for the smooth initiation, implementation and review of projects at Baobab Health Trust. The Project Coordination Team takes a lead in ensuring that projects are systematically and effectively initiated, planned, executed and sustained by undertaking the following tasks:

  • Initiating new business for the organization. This involves meeting with clients/donors, writing concept notes and proposals for submission to donors and partners.
  • Initiating, planning, and coordinating system requirements gathering/technical reconnaissance site visits
  • Facilitating the development of detailed specifications based on client requirements for developers to use with close liaison with the Support and Deployment team.
  • Planning and coordinating implementation of approved projects through use of detailed work plans, activity based budgets and financial plans in liaison with Finance, Operations,
  • Support and Deployment and Software Development Departments.
  • Providing financial oversight on all project budgets, as well as approving and rejecting spending requests from departments.
  • Ensure systematic implementation of projects in liaison with all departments with oversight of the projects, their progress and budget.
  • Ensuring that there is adequate on going support of all projects or systems through drafting and signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) with clients (health facilities) and Ministry of Health.
  • Working closely with Help Desk to ensure that critical issues reported by sites/ users are addressed in time.
  • Providing required reports (narrative and/ or financial) internally to all departments and externally to clients/ donors
  • Undertaking evaluation of all projects delivered and submitting reports to all departments, for learning purposes.

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