Baobab Health cheers up pregnant women at Ngoni Health Centre , lights up clinic.

    January 9, 2015

On 19 th December, management of Baobab Health Trust organized an end-of-year Christmas for pregnant women at Ngoni Health Centre, to bring smiles on their faces and lessen the burden that comes with maternal issues in rural areas. BHT distributed various assorted items such as soap, sugar,buckets among others. However, the event reached its climax as BHT announced the lighting up of the clinic which had operated in darkness for a long time hindering effective delivery of medical services especially at night.

Mr. Gondwe, clinic In-charge at the facility said the get-together was necessary because due escalating levels of poverty, the women could not afford even basic materials such as those donated and therefore needed to have a feel of it. Commenting on the lighting, the in-charge noted that the challenges that emanated went beyond provision of services at night but also failure to properly store immunization vaccines for different illnesses for both women and under five children.

“ Pregnant women require more psychological and material support and obviously, Baobab has come atthe right time to cheer up our women.” On lighting, Gondwe said the hospital was in dire need of power connectivity, as they continued toattend to more health cases both during the day and at night. The situation remained worse as they have no ready transportation for referrals to central hospital thus many women were slowly turning back to Traditional Birth Attendants, a situation which continued to pose a major threat to safe motherhood initiatives.

Ngoni open day

Women queuing  up for gifts  -Ngoni Open day

Mr. Gondwe appealed to government and other stakeholders to complement Baobab’s work by lighting up staff houses in order to ensure staff retention as there has been high staff turnover at the facility.

Alex Gondwe, Director of Engineering for BHT noted that as a partner in health, Baobab Health will continue to complement government’s efforts in ensuring effective delivery of health services citing BHT’s presence across 50 health facilities in data management and improvement of patient care through the use of computers. Gondwe further reiterate BHT’s philosophy as being deep rooted in ensuring effectiveness in service provision as health workers work in well equipped environment than working alone hence improving patient care. Therefore, he cautioned that people should only use the power for lighting only.

Baobab Health cheers up women

Meeting participants listening to a speech

Baobab Health’s has worked at  Ngoni Health Centre since 2008 in implementing   Out Patient electronic records management system. Ngoni Health is off the main power grid more than 30km away from the capital Lilongwe.

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