Baobab Health Spearheads Data Standards Adoption

    February 4, 2014

In an effort to ensure that the Healthcare and Public communities are empowered with health technologies, in order to improve individual and community health, Baobab Health organised a data standards meeting at Pacific  Hotel where among others, BHT together with other stakeholders such as Centre for Monitoring and Evaluation  Department (CMED), Centres for Disease Control and Ministry of Health.

There were several presentations  all aimed at enriching the management of health data with an aim of centrally capturing it. Key among these was on how District Health Information System (DHIS) would be linked to Baobab Health’s  electronic medical records systems such as BART ( For managing HIV and AIDS patients).

Several resolutions were made including ensuring that the E-Health Strategy is finalised by 24th February, 2014 with subsequent reviews later on.

data Standards

Participants-Data standards meeting

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