November 14, 2017

Baobab Health Trust – BHT is this week connecting 7 more health facilities to the national ART/OPD electronic medical records system.

The 7 sites were part of the 36 targeted for a scale up program which was temporarily suspended a month ago due to the “blood sucking” rumors which were also rampant in areas where deployments are taking place.

Chipini Health Center is Zomba went live on Monday 13th November, 2017 while Naisi and Zomba City Clinic are expected to go live on Tuesday 14th November, 2017 . On the other hand , Ngwelero, Mayaka, Domasi all of them in Zomba and Mfera health center in Chikwawa will connect on Friday 17th November, 2017.

Award winning interventions , making a difference

Award winning interventions , making a difference


The increase in number of facilities connected to the system gives government and health care providers an opportunity to capture more patients data and improve on patient management.

The scale up program is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC

Below is the who list of facilities that have been connected in the massive scale up program;

Number Site District
1. Namadzi HC Chiradzulu
2 Ndune HC Chiradzulu
3 Milepa HC Chiradzulu
4 Mbulumbuzi HC Chiradzulu
5 Bilal HC Chiradzulu
6 Lirangwe HC Blantyre
7 Mdeka HC Blantyre
8 Mponela HC Dowa
9 Chimaliro HC Thyolo
10 Chiradzulo HC Chiradzulu
11 Chitera HC Chiradzulu
12 Thumbwe HC Chiradzulu
13 Namitambo HC Chiradzulu
14 Kadidi HC Blantyre
15 Makhetha HC Blantyre
16 Lundu HC Blantyre
17 Mpemba HC Blantyre
18 Nkalo HC Chiradzulu
19 Mauwa HC Chiradzulu
20 Chikowa HC Blantyre
21 BT city council Clinic Blantyre
22 Gateway HC Blantyre
23 Chirimba HC Blantyre
24 Ngabu SDA HC Chikwawa
25 Sucoma HC Chikwawa
26 Kalulu HC Chikwawa
27 Matiya HC
28 Thondwe HC Zomba
29 Mayaka HC Zomba
30 Chipini HC Zomba
31 Makwapala HC Zomba
32 Ngwelero HC Zomba
33 Naisi HC Zomba
34 Zomba City Clinic Zomba
35 Mfera HC Zomba
36 Domasi HC Zomba



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