Model Clinic teaching another clinic

    February 4, 2015

Sister Theresa Community Hospital health care workers visited Balaka District Hospital, ART Clinic in order to understand how the model facility uses ART electronic record system for the management of patient records and improvement of care.

Commenting on the visit, Sister Theresa Hospital administrator, Sister Esther Namahella, noted that “as seeing is believing, integrating clinical care with computers will greatly improve data and patient management due to clinical guidelines embedded within the systems. The visit has also shown that with computers, we can avoid deaths that arise due to poor clinical judgment. These are a few of the benefits observed and we are all eager to use the system.

As one of the high data burden facilities, Sister Theresa Community Hospital has been earmarked for installation of Outpatient and Antiretroviral Therapy Electronic medical Records systems scheduled to go live mid February 2015. The Hospital has an ART cohort report of about four thousand and two hundred patients.

Baobab Heath uses site visits as one way of influencing change in order to promote understanding and adoption of Electronic Medical Records systems especially for health care workers who have never used computer systems before.

Sister Theresa Healthcare workers on a field trip to Balaka Hospital ART clinic

Sister Theresa Health care workers on a field trip to Balaka Hospital ART clinic


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