STAFF NEWS: Chawanangwa Lupafya Joined Baobab Health Trust in 2010 and had a short stint with Airtel Malawi in 2015 before bouncing back a year later. With his immense capabilities and experience gained at Baobab Health Trust he is now proceeding to University of St Andrews in Scotland where he will undertake a PhD in […]


A Malawian software engineer working as Director of Public Health Informatics PHI at Baobab Health Trust -BHT Soyapi Mumba has described his recent experience at the 2017 TED conference as enriching. Since 1984 and presented in 100 different languages, TED Talks target different issues in disciplines such as Technology, Entertainment and Design. Mumba was the […]


                By; Mathews Malata Jr. Baobab Health Trust – BHT a leading health tech institution in Malawi says use of ICT in the health sector has the potential to improve service delivery. Executive Director for BHT Martha Kwataine was speaking in Kasungu where the organisation in conjunction with […]

EBRs goes live: Strengthening civil registration through electronic birth and death registers.

On 1st August 2015, the first electronic birth registration was done at Queen Elizabeth central Hospital , approved by Blantyre Assistant District Registrar (ADR) and certificate printed at the National Registration Bureau Headquarters in Lilongwe. This marked the shift from relying on the manual forms which were introduced earlier in the year as the primary […]

Model Clinic teaching another clinic

Sister Theresa Community Hospital health care workers visited Balaka District Hospital, ART Clinic in order to understand how the model facility uses ART electronic record system for the management of patient records and improvement of care. Commenting on the visit, Sister Theresa Hospital administrator, Sister Esther Namahella, noted that “as seeing is believing, integrating clinical […]

Baobab Health cheers up pregnant women at Ngoni Health Centre , lights up clinic.

On 19 th December, management of Baobab Health Trust organized an end-of-year Christmas for pregnant women at Ngoni Health Centre, to bring smiles on their faces and lessen the burden that comes with maternal issues in rural areas. BHT distributed various assorted items such as soap, sugar,buckets among others. However, the event reached its climax […]

Solar Energy, adding value beyond targeted solution in Malawi

Contributor: Felix Chisoni In Malawi, the national health system is riddled by many challenges. For instance, it has been a challenge to collect timely, reliable and accurate data. Most of the rural areas of Malawi are off the national power grid. As a result, alternative energy sources are necessary for implementation of electronic systems.Solar energy […]

Baobab Health participates in Peace Corps 50th Anniversary.

LILONGWE, February 4, 2014- Baobab Health recently participated in the Peace Corps 50th anniversary at the Statehouse. Among others, Baobab Health Showcased Several systems such as the dashboard (used for monitoring daily Hospital attendance), BART (used for managing HIV and AIDS patients) OPD ( For Outpatient Diagnosis Clinics) and ANC for the management of Antenatal Women. […]

Demographics Data Exchange and Unique National Patient ID

       “I would like the system to facilitate monitoring of patients and transfer and referral of patients from one department to another and facility to another (Mchinji DHO during site visit in January 2013). This has been the request for many system users having recognized that they are using the EMR and this […]