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About Baobab Health Trust

We Lead in the improvement of health through Information and Communications Technology in the developing World.

Baobab Health was founded in 2001 by Dr. Thuy Bui and Dr. Gerald P. Douglas as a partnership and later transformed into a malawian Trust in 2008 to be called Baobab Health Trust (BHT). BHT is a registered local NGO in Malawi with the Council of Non-governmental Organizations of Malawi (CONGOMA). BHT has dedicated its efforts to revolutionizing the use of technology in developing-world’s health care environments

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Our Products


The National ART is BHT's flagship system tailored to improve the management, treatment,monitoring and prevention of HIV and AIDS and contribute towards achieving UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals.


Antenatal Care assists to improve contiuum of care of pregnant women by collecting demographics, obstetric, medical, surgical and social history.


The HIV testing and councelling electronic system supports all HTS activities including client's optional registration, inventory management of test kits, adherence to HTC protocol at point of testing and reporting.


Electronic Birth Registration System for capturing all births taking place in health facilities and outside the district and central hospitals. All the demographics captured are pushed to the district's registration office through the Assistant District Registrar who then pushes the details to the National Registration Bureau for further approvals and printing of Birth Certificates


Electronic Death Registration System used to record professionally certified deaths including causes of death, location of death and other relevant demographic details and finally printing of Death Certificate at National Registration Bureau.


The core existence of the Laboratory Information Management System is to improve the management, storage and reporting of Lab data.

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Baobab Health has deployed Electronic Medical Record systems almost nationwide. The number and quality of our products is increasing exponentially and we are expanding beyond borders of Malawi across the region in the near future.

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