Solar Energy, adding value beyond targeted solution in Malawi

LILONGWE, August, 20. In Malawi, the national health system is riddled by many challenges. For instance, it has been a challenge to collect timely, reliable and accurate data. Most of the rural areas of Malawi are off the national power grid. As a result, alternative energy sources are read more

Strengthening record keeping for Non Communicable Diseases

LILONGWE, August 20. “The system has improved storage of data and as opposed to manual records, it has strengthened the tracking of our patients and record keeping. For instance, we are now able to track patient’s blood pressure and purse rate for past clinic visits. Graphical features available in Hypertension and Diabetes enable us

Systems Migration from BART 1.0 to 2.0 nears completion

LILONGWE, August 20, 2014. It is all smiles at BHT as it embarks on its last mile towards migration of  BART 1.0 (watch video here) system to version 2.0. The exercise will see all health facilities which were still using the old version of the system switching read more

Baobab Health Spearheads Data Standards Adoption

LILONGWE, February 4, 2014. In an effort to ensure that the Healthcare and Public communities are empowered with health technologies, in order to improve individual and community health, Baobab Health organised a data standards meeting at Pacific  Hotel where among others read more


BHT participates in Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

LILONGWE, August 23, 2013- Baobab Health recently participated in the Peace Corps 50th anniversary at the State House in Lilongwe. The function was attended by President Joyce Banda, Minister of Health Catherine Gotani Hara and Acting Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. Read more

Success Stories: Demographics Data Exchange and Unique National Patient ID

“I would like the system to facilitate monitoring of patients and transfer and referral of patients from one department to another and facility to another (Mchinji DHO during site visit in January 2013).”  Read how BHT is making this happen